Ayurvedic Belly Binding

Postnatal belly binding provides increased emotional and physical stability for a new mama. 

The healing comfort of belly binding can result in faster recovery.

Ayurveda Belly Binding in London Ontario

Postpartum Care for New Mothers

Postnatal belly wrapping or belly binding is an important component of post-birth rejuvenation. It is an important aspect of Ayurvedic postpartum care. It is meant to be done all through the sacred First Forty-Day window.

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits of postnatal belly binding: 


  • Belly binding provides physical support to the muscles and organs which have been displaced throughout pregnancy.
  • Belly binding can help some cases of Diastasis Recti, where the separated abdominal muscles need to come back together.
  • Belly binding helps the pelvis and hips stabilize, or “close” after birth.



  • By closing the empty space in the womb, belly binding can minimize “Empty Womb Sadness”. Some women experience a deep sadness from being separated from the baby for the first time, after sharing the same body for over 9 months. The feeling of sadness and missing the baby can be alleviated by wrapping the belly.
  • Belly binding can relieve anxiety and depression by bringing feelings of mental and emotional stability and support. It can provide a feeling of strength. As this practice helps to alleviate stress and promote emotional stability, it will also have a harmonizing effect on the hormones. 

Postpartum Belly Bind

Experience personalized belly binding sessions specifically designed to support new mothers on their postpartum journey!

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Woman applying oil during a belly binding service
Warming paste being applied for belly binding

What To Expect

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There are three steps to an Ayurvedic belly binding session.

1. Belly massage: With gentle strokes, the abdomen will be massaged with warm oil made with herbs such as Shatavari and Rose that have an affinity for healing the skin and strengthening the reproductive organs. The oil will absorb into the abdomen to nurture the dry skin that has been stretched to the max. Womb massage is deeply nourishing. It’s goal is deep rejuvenation in the entire abdomen and womb space.

2. Warming belly paste: A mixture of warming spices,  like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg is combined with warm sesame oil to make a paste. The warmth of the paste penetrates the space of the empty womb, increasing heat and circulation. This is especially important in the first 40 days, but may be eliminated beyond that time. 

3. Belly wrap: In a standing position, wrapping will start at the hip bones and go up to the lower rib cage bringing the belly up and in and holding you like a loving embrace. The wrap is a long piece of cotton, approx. 1 foot wide (30 cm) and 18 ft long (5.5 m). The final wrap will be like a firm but gentle hug. 

The wrap is yours to keep, wash, reuse and throw away when you are finished. They get quite stained with oil, belly paste, milk, spit-up etc. Postpartum is as messy as it is beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions About Belly Binding Answered

Curious about postpartum belly binding and how it can benefit you during the postnatal period? We address common questions about belly binding and provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about incorporating this traditional practice into your postpartum journey.

When yoga is considered in its entirety as a philosophy and a way of life, then It can start anytime. Yoga Asana as exercise should wait until the third month and with close collaboration with the yoga teacher.

Belly binding can start on the day of delivery. Ideally it is practiced withing the first 6 weeks. Depending on the Mamas situation and intention, belly binding can be beneficial for up two 2 years.

Absolutely.  First, I recommend approval from your doctor and second, you need to be comfortable.  I suggest waiting for a week to let the tissues start to knit together.

You can wear it up to 24/7.  I suggest starting with 10-12 hours and then determine what suits you.

The Bengkung belly binding style is corset-like with knots going up the midline of the belly. It requires a longer piece of cloth, usually dyed in beautiful colours. Malaysia is the origin of Bengkung belly binding and it is the trending wrap-style you will often see in see in pictures.

Ayurvedic belly binding is a simpler technique and is traditionally made from old sarees cut into long strips. Sarees are approximately 18 feet long and so this is the length of an Ayurvedic wrap. Wrapping involves both crisscrossing and overlapping the fabric with some twisting along the side body to increase tension.

Postpartum Belly Binding Details

Private Belly Binding Sessions

Experience the traditional practice of belly binding, tailored to support new mothers. Sessions include a detailed demonstration, personalized fitting, and ongoing support.

We offer PRIVATE Belly Binding Sessions to ensure you receive personalized care and attention on your postpartum journey.

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