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Serenity Yoga is a small, gentle yoga class in the Cedar Hollow Community in London, Ontario. Come
join your neighbours and friends in community yoga classes that promote community connection and
peace of mind.

A Yoga Experience For Everyone

Neighbourhood Classes Suited For Every Level

Yoga classes are ideal for creating calmness of mind.  Classes with Susan The Doula give you space to connect mind, body and spirit.  Our yoga classes value safety, honesty, self-awareness, respect and fairness.  These principals are the building blocks for a warm and non-judgemental space for you to explore your yoga path. 

A common translation of ‘Yoga’ is union. So, realistically, we are all searching for Yoga in our lives. The physical benefits are life changing, but the practice is also about developing awareness of….

  • your body 
  • your breathing
  • your emotions 
  • your thoughts 

…and bringing everything into alignment through the synchronicity of breath and movement. 

Don’t forget to check out our prenatal yoga and postpartum yoga classes as well!

Susan teaching a yoga class in London ON

Serenity Yoga

Discover Yoga In London, ON

Local Yoga Classes for all skills levels!

Benefits From Practicing Yoga

Yoga is severing the connection with that which causes suffering. Yoga should be practiced with insight and an unperturbed heart.

What To Expect

In Our Local Yoga Classes

At Serenity Yoga classes, you can expect acceptance of who you are and where you are at in your yoga journey. Our classes are designed to be a sanctuary where your individuality is celebrated, and every pose is an opportunity for personal growth. 

Each class will follow a rhythm of:

Questions About Yoga

Frequent Questions About Yoga

Interested in exploring yoga and its benefits? We tackle the frequently asked questions about the practice and offer insightful information to assist you in making well-informed choices.

Absolutely!  Beginners are my specialty. All the participants have a range of yoga experience.   There is no judgment.  Breath-work and postures can be modified to suit your needs and your ability.

Yoga has benefits for everyone on many levels - for physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The foundation of Yoga is based on peace, honesty, respect, moderation, and sharing. These are concepts people of all religions an relate to. At Serenity Yoga we strive to respect the ancient origins of yoga while making yoga accessible to participants of all backgrounds.

Serenity yoga takes place in a home studio where the temperature stays at about 22’C

Yoga Class Details

Local Classes for Every Body

We provide a holistic approach to general yoga, which includes centering, breathing exercises, mantra meditation, gentle warm-up movements, and addressing individual concerns. Our classes are conducted in a serene and supportive environment, suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Class being held in a London ON yoga studio

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