Postpartum Care Services

We have a comprehensive list of postpartum services designed to support and empower new mothers on their journey of healing, recovery, and adjustment.

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Postpartum Services In London, Ontario

Nurturing Support & Healing For New Moms

As a postpartum care provider in London, Ontario I am here to support you through your transformative postpartum journey! I understand the challenges you will face as a new mother, and I am here to ensure that you can access the assistance you need during this phase of your life!

I am dedicated to easing the overwhelm and stress that can often accompany the early postnatal period, from caring for your precious baby to maintaining a clean and peaceful home. I will be there to support you in the care of your baby and give you the peace of mind to have some rest and recuperation.

I will bring the principles of Ayurveda to bear in my holistic approach to postnatal care. I prepare nutritious Ayurvedic meals tailored to support your physical healing and wellbeing. Through the use of holistic Ayurvedic cooking, my aim is to provide you with the nourishment and rejuvenation necessary for your postpartum recovery.

You can focus on bonding with your baby, embracing the joys of motherhood and finding your own rhythm with my constant support. We will travel this beautiful journey together, and I will be there every step of the way to provide the compassion and support you deserve.

As Susan The Doula I have you covered with everything you need to ease into motherhood – postpartum services, postpartum massage, prenatal yoga, belly binding, and postpartum yoga!

London ON Postpartum Recovery Doula

Holistic Care & Help

When You Need It

Embracing a Natural & Holistic approach to Postpartum Care Services

Basic Services - $35/hour

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Cleaning, Laundry, & More


Holistic Ayurvedic Cooking

Newborn Care

Supportive Care For Your Baby

All The Help You Need!

Postpartum Doula To Aid Your Recovery

After our initial meet ‘n’ greet and handling the necessary administrative tasks, we embark on the exciting journey of planning the finer aspects of our visits. Through open consultation and collaborative efforts, we can identify your unique and specific needs.

 Together, we’ll carefully design a series of visits tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire a soothing massage, a private yoga session, an extended 4-hour visit encompassing cooking, baby care, and light household tasks, or a delightful combination of everything, we’re here to make it happen. Your satisfaction and well-being are at the heart of our approach.

A Comprehensive List Of Doula Services:

Postpartum Care Services

Supporting Moms & Babies

Cleaning & Laundry
Keeping A Tidy Home

I understand that a clean and organized home can contribute to your overall level of relaxation and wellness. I will take care of light cleaning tasks, laundry, dishes, and more. By taking care of these household tasks you can enjoy a nurturing environment that will allow you to bond with your baby without the added stress of household upkeep.

Holistic Cooking with Ayurveda
Nutritious Meals To Support Healing

Support your healing with my wholesome, Ayurvedic meals, snacks and drinks. Using my knowledge of Ayurveda, I create delicious and nutritious meals to support your postpartum healing and overall well-being.

Baby Care
Compassionate Care For Your Little One

Let me take some of the stress of caring for a newborn off your shoulders. This can be especially stressful during the early days and as a postpartum doula, I am here to help! From feeding and diaper changes to helping the little one establish healthy sleeping habits, I will be there to assist. 

Genuine Experiences with Postpartum Services

"I was super vulnerable post birth. I had a day of just feeling awful and I wanted to stay in bed and hide. Susan showed up with a hug and so much matter of fact compassion and soon the house was full of good cooking smells and the laundry was being done. I was able to fully surrender knowing soneone so capable was here. It's not everyone who can support mothers this way. Susan has a real gift. "

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