Postpartum Yoga Classes

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Postpartum Yoga In London, Ontario

The Perfect Recovery Exercise For New Moms

The postnatal period, or the postpartum period, is an important stage in your journey as a mother. As you navigate through the joys and challenges of caring for your newborn baby, postnatal yoga can be a valuable source of support and healing.

Postnatal yoga focuses on areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth to restore strength and tone the body. Through gentle stretching, strengthening exercises and mindful breathing, postnatal yoga can help to relieve physical discomfort such as muscle tension, tightness and fatigue. It promotes better posture and alignment, helping to restore abdominal and pelvic floor function.

In addition to the physical benefits, postnatal yoga can help nurture your emotional well-being during this transformative time. The practice promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels and cultivates a sense of calm amid the demands of motherhood. By connecting with your breath and participating in gentle movements, you can experience a greater sense of stability and balance, promoting emotional resilience and providing a much-needed sanctuary for self-care.

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Postpartum Yoga Classes

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What To Expect

And The Many Benefits Of Postpartum Yoga

Yoga for postpartum can be divided into three stages.

Birth to 6 Weeks: A regular yoga practice is not at all recommend at this stage. Patience. It is much better to embrace the breathing and meditative (pranayama and pratyahara) aspect of Yoga.  Any Asana (postures) should be restful, gentle and promote sleep.   No effort – no tension.

6 Weeks to 3 Months: You can slowly resume regular gentle yoga practice.   Restorative, effortless, slow. Stay within your body’s comfort zone.   No pushing yourself.

Beyond 3 Months: It should be safe to resume regular yoga practice that supports recovery, mobility, and strength. Be sure to have your doctor’s approval before returning to regular physical activity. All Asana can be practiced with mindfulness and modifications as needed.

Questions About Postpartum/Postnatal Yoga

Frequent Questions About Yoga For New Moms

Curious about postpartum/postnatal yoga and how it can benefit you in the postnatal period? We address common questions about postnatal yoga and provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about incorporating this practice into your postpartum journey.

When yoga is considered in its entirety as a philosophy and a way of life, then It can start anytime. Yoga Asana as exercise should wait until the third month and with close collaboration with the yoga teacher.

Yoga is a great addition to any fitness program. Depending on how vigorous your practice is, it can help with weight loss. More importantly, it will help with strength, mobility and flexibility.

The classes are focused on mama and not officially a “Baby ‘n’ Me” class. Having said that, if bringing a baby will allow you to take part in a yoga class then, by all means, bring the baby along. I will welcome babies with open arms.

Postpartrum Yoga Class Details

Private & Group Yoga Sessions

Centering, breathing, mantra, warming up and review of personal issues. Asana practice and restoration.

We have both PRIVATE & GROUP Yoga Classes available. 

Group classes are hosted by our partner At The Core and are available according to interest and enrollment. Please sign up and to inquire about availability. 

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